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Importance of having a professional website

If you start a consulting business, a website will be an essential tool to promote your business, introduce you and win new customers. However, it is not enough for you to create your site to be instantly visible on the internet and boost your business. We give you 10 tips to put the odds on your side and create an effective consultant site.

Search your keywords

This may seem obvious, but too many companies still neglect the search for keywords and are in a perspective “I first build my site, and then I would do its SEO.” It is a mistake! To make an effective website, you need to think about SEO well in advance of your project!

How to make an effective keyword search?

Ideally, you start with a brainstorming to note all the terms that define your area of ​​activity, your services, and your services. Be careful, think of placing yourself from a customer point of view and forget your own professional jargon. To know more about, easy web promotion, seek help online.

What terms would a customer use to talk about your benefits?

Integrate a presentation page

When working on the architecture of your site, do not forget to include a page where you will talk about your career, your achievements and your passions.

In the consulting profession, the human dimension plays a key role it is therefore essential to establish a relationship of trust, and to put a face on a name.

Your presentation page also serves as a link to the rest of your website. Look after the presentation of this page and be clear and precise about your activity. On the internet, the average attention time is close to 8 seconds. Do not waste your netizens in details.

Incorporate testimonials from your past clients

What is more effective than a customer testimonial to demonstrate your know how? Testimonials serve as reinsurance items. Make them appear in several places on your site on your customer page of course, but also in the pages that detail your services and your benefits.

If possible, include a picture of your client and a link to his Linkedin profile and this will give credibility to his testimony.

Do case studies to highlight your clients’ successes

Go even further than simple testimonials and make real case studies for some of your customers! In concrete terms, you will explain how a customer was able to achieve a specific business goal through your action. For example, if you are a web consultant, a case study will show how you doubled the sales on the merchant site of such a customer, and how you went step by step (audit of your existing site, SEO work, redesign customer journey etc).